Let's Create a Simple Load Balancer With Go

Load Balancers plays a key role in Web Architecture. They allow distributing load among a set of backends. This makes services more scalable. Also since there are multiple backends configured the service become highly available as load balancer can pick up a working server in case of a failure. After playing with professional Load Balancers like NGINX I tried creating a simple Load Balancer for fun. I implemented it using Golang.

Moving to My Own Space

Why moving to own space It’s been a while I started blogging. I started from Blogger, Wordpress and finally stopped over Medium. It was fine to use these awesome tools. But with the time I felt that moving to my own space is better for blogging. While these platform provides a great service I wanted more control over my content. I hate ads and stuffs, paywalls and I know you do too.

How I Embedded Resources in Go

During my internship period at WSO2, Inc I worked on a project to develop a CI/CD pipeline for WSO2 API Manager. The tooling was mostly done in Golang. When we were developing the tooling we wanted to have a project initialization phase through the CLI tool. That indeed involves a lot of code generation. In the beginning, everything was fine, we had few files and we kept them as slices of bytes and accessed them, which was totally fine.